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9 results with Brachial Plexus tag
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Ingenia 1.5T 3D STIR Head-Neck - University Hospital Geneva (HUG)
This Release 5.1.7 ExamCard is used for scanning the soft tissues of the neck on Ingenia 1.5T. It provides 3D STIR with a large FOV, isotropic voxels and dedicated inline post-processing steps for visualization of nerves in brachial plexus.
By: Delattre, Bénédicte, Ph.D.
On: Nov 06, 2014
Views: 2972
Ingenia 3.0T Noninvasive nerve plexus imaging - AZ St.-Jan, Brugge
This Release 5.3 ExamCard contains sequences for noninvasive brachial nerve plexus imaging, including 3D NerveVIEW.
By: Casselman, Jan, M.D., Ph.D.
On: Apr 25, 2017
Views: 1951
Achieva 3.0T TX MR neurography brachial plexus - Shandong MIRI
This Release 5.1.7 ExamCard for Achieva 3.0T TX is created for use with diffusion-weighted MR Neurography (DW-MRN) to display the brachial plexus nerve.
By: Wang, Guangbin, M.D., Ph.D.
On: Feb 12, 2015
Views: 1470
mDIXON TSE in a patient with brachial plexopathy
A patient with a history of breast carcinoma presented with progressive paralysis of the right arm for an MRI exam at Leiden University Medical Center. High quality mDIXON-TSE MRI on Ingenia 3.0T reveals abnormalities in the brachial plexus.
MRICase Study
By: Verbist, Berit, M.D., Ph.D.
On: Jun 23, 2014
Views: 1408
Changing MRI methods in head and neck imaging
At Leiden University Medical Center mDIXON TSE and Diffusion TSE address challenges in MRI of the head/neck area and allow different imaging strategies. Large-coverage, fat-free imaging is achieved in imaging skull-base, orbits, nerves and in in otology.
MRIBest Practice
By: Verbist, Berit, M.D., Ph.D.
On: Jun 24, 2014
Views: 943
Webinar on improvements in clinical MR neuro by Dr. Nickerson, UVM
Dr. Nickerson of The University of Vermont Medical Center shares his experience and expertise on improvements in clinical MR neuro imaging.
MRIWeb Seminar
By: MRI NetForum Team
On: Feb 06, 2018
Views: 924
Ingenia 3.0T Brachial plexus tumor - Kurashiki
This Release 5.3 Ingenia 3.0T ExamCard contains a broad set of sequences for a patient with a brachial plexus tumor, including mDIXON XD TSE and 3D NerveVIEW.
By: Nakagawa, Kenichi, R.T.
On: Mar 29, 2018
Views: 668
Achieva dStream 1.5T Brachial Plexus with a hemangioma - Kumamoto
This Release 5.3 Achieva dStream 1.5T ExamCard contains a broad set of sequences for brachial plexus imaging in a patient with hemangioma, including mDIXON and DWIBS.
By: Katahira, Kazuhiro, M.D.
On: Mar 21, 2018
Views: 556
Prodiva 1.5T Brachial plexus - Seirei Mikatahara
This Release 5.3 Prodiva 1.5T ExamCard of Seirei Mikatahara General Hospital contains a comprehensive set of sequences for imaging brachial plexus lesions with the dS NeuroVascularSpine coil, including 3D STIR, DWIBS and mDIXON XD.
By: Takahashi, Mamoru, M.D.
On: Nov 27, 2017
Views: 395

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